Our Personalized Service

At Alrol, we work with You to find the best solution for Your needs.

  • From re-coating/re-covering Your current rollers, creating a new roller, to problem solving and consulting services, or applying a special coating for specific needs.
  • Alrol's service is personalized to Your needs.

We offer the highest quality of elastomeric coverings for rollers, rolls, and for sleeves of any kind.

  • Due to our excellent connection with our raw materials and machinery suppliers, we can offer state of the art products and services.

We process new or re-coverings for small rolls and large rollers.

  • Up to rollers of 5,000 mm length and 850mm diameter.
  • The surface may be cylindrical, convex, or of polygon shape, and we can add all sorts of grooving, too.
  • To complete our wide services, we offer shaft repairs and balancing.
  • Pick-up and delivery on special agreement.

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