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2001 incorporated as a corporation in Gossau (Switzerland), this Family Business and its Team have a wide and highly specialized knowledge in polymers, rubber and roller coverings.

Alrol's specialties are - Roller Manufacturing - Roller Recovers - Rubber Coatings - Rubber sleeves - Molded parts

At Alrol, we work with You to find the best solution for Your needs. From re-coating/re-covering Your current rollers, creating a new roller, to problem solving and consulting services, or applying a special coating for specific needs.

Alrol's service is personalized to Your needs.


4 Sep 2014

new own product FINAT hand roller

Hand roller according FINAT Standard

Labels, adhesive tapes, adhesive tapes must meet certain requirements. These regulations are adopted for the most part in the FINAT standards and norms PSTC together.

We provide for safe and reproducible test preparation corresponding hand roller.

The roll is secured one end completely free of pressure. (No extra-protective packaging required)

Products description:

  • Hand Roller : after FINAT Standard 2005 Section 2, paragraph 2.1
  • Material : paper core and steel holder painted
  • roll Diameter : Ø 85 mm
  • width of roll : 50 mm
  • Coating : elastomer in the hardness 80 Shore A 3 +/-
  • roll weight : 2 kg +/- 10 g
  • Production : Switzerland

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